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Fotenn Planning + Design


Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON



Project Role

Master Planning, Urban Design Guidelines, 3D Modeling, Visualizations, Graphic Design

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Main Street Built Form and Urban Design Guidelines establishes a vision for the Town’s main street corridor. I lead the development of a 3D model and accompanying visualizations, diagrams and demonstration plans.

The guidelines illustrate the Town’s potential to accommodate growth and intensification along, and adjacent to, it’s Main Street Corridor in a manner that is compatible with the established neighbourhoods. Detailed Urban Design Guidelines were prepared to demonstrate appropriate built form and public realm treatments within four unique character areas.

A 3D model and design guidelines were prepared to equip the Town with an effective tool for evaluating new projects.

townhouse diagrams plan.jpg
Stouffville Station Hand Drawing.jpg

A variety of graphics were produced to help illustrate the guidelines set out in the document.

Three areas within the corridor were selected for more detailed demonstration plans. The demonstration plans demonstrate how the guidelines work together to create an attractive and unified site, including the integration of a range of building heights and typologies, open spaces, and streetscape and public realm elements. 

Street sections that prioritize pedestrian space, multi use pathways and significant landscaping were also developed. These street sections help identify and differentiate the four character areas within the corridor.

main street cross section.jpg

Ultimately, the town decided they needed an asset that was easier for council members to view. They asked Fotenn to create an overall flythrough of the model that was created. I was tasked with quickly completing this flythrough with additional information, updated site plans, and it could only be a certain file size.

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