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Spring Street Core_2018.10.29.jpg




Fotenn Planning + Design


Cobourg, ON


2017 - Ongoing


12 hectares

Project Role

Master Planning, Urban Design Guidelines, 3D Modeling, Visualizations



2020 IMCL Design Award Finalist
2019 Brownie Award Finalist

While at Fotenn, I was an integral part of the team that prepared the Tannery District Sustainable Neighbourhood Master Plan and supporting Secondary Plan for the 12-hectare Tannery District, a former brown-field site located adjacent to downtown Cobourg.

The Master Plan creates a long-term vision for Tannery District that recognizes the principles of One Planet Living to achieve four fundamental pillars of sustainability and urban resiliency – society, environment, economy and culture. The Plan will integrate innovative best practices in all elements of the public and private realm, including transit supportive densities, solar orientation, green infrastructure, low impact development, energy efficiency, water usage, waste reduction, building materials, and the promotion and support for alternative modes of transportation.

All graphics produced by myself.

The Tannery District Master Plan is a long-term vision that is structured around the fundamental pillars of sustainability and resiliency.

Cobourg, Ontario is centrally located along the Windsor-Quebec City corridor, the most densely populated and heavily industrialized region of Canada with a population of more than 18 million people.

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Cobourg, ON

Tannery District Overall Axo_with text.j

New development will integrate seamlessly into its surroundings, complementing and enhancing the area and the broader town while mitigating impacts on the community. A range of housing types and tenures ensure a diverse population can age-in-place and establish roots in the community. Compact blocks, a well-connected network of streets and trails, and convenient access to the train station encourage active living and promote alternative modes of transportation in all seasons and for all ages and abilities. Engaging and attractive parks and public spaces support both casual gathering and active recreation.

The Master Plan is designed to reduce vehicle trips, and to encourage walking, cycling and low-carbon transport. I created 3D cross sections to demonstrate how some street conditions change along their right-of-way.

Local Street_2019.03.06-01.jpg
Pedestrian Mews_2019.03.06-01.jpg
Spring Street Main_2018.09.27-01.jpg

The future vision for the Tannery District is one where the built form represents the existing character of the adjacent neighbourhoods while also providing much needed housing density to the town. Four character areas were established to create variation and encourage a unique and engaging neighbourhood that inspires different experience on each visit. I created graphics to demonstrate elements unique to each specific character area.

Spring Street Core_2019.02.14.jpg
Townhouse Mews_2018.11.08.jpg
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