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Adam Poole, Alex Preiss, Pauline Moskal




New York City, NY



Slackline is an urban fabric that weaves together the varied uses of the Brooklyn Bridge and the occupants’ diverse rates of travel. The proposal adds footpaths and separated bike lanes to alleviate congestion. Plazas at the piers and in the center span, host common mixing of all travelers in the company of vendors and resilient crop planting. Finally, new stairs and a funicular provide access from the waterfront creating new community and tourism centres. 

Slackline is formally inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge’s iconic arches and gently swooping catenary cables. The gothic arches are reflected in the layout of the pathways. Rather than mimic the bridge, the proposal uses the geometry of the pointed arch as the guide of computational curves. The intersection of these curves create informal plazas located at the base of each pier, offering an up-close experience to the bridge’s masonry construction. Further, the proposal does not seek to alter the profile of the bridge as seen at a distance, and instead focuses on the surface treatment of the pedestrian plane.

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