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CIP Centenary Ad 2019.02.27-03.jpg





Fotenn Planning + Design


2017 - Ongoing

Project Role

Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Visualizations

During the entirety of my time at Fotenn I have been our in house graphics specialist, creating both internal and external marketing and promotional items. I have lead the marketing team in establishing a fun and unique graphic style that helps Fotenn stand out from industry competitors. In a short period of time I have been able to take Fotenn from producing ordinary graphics to consistently showcasing unique ideas.

All graphics seen within this section have been conceptualized and executed entirely by myself.

CIP Centenary Ad 2019.02.27-03.jpg

During the lead up to Christmas 2018, I developed ‘The 12 Days of Designmas’ on Fotenn’s social media. Each day featured an important element of urban design, highlighted through an axonemtric view of a hypothetical city.

For Fotenn's recurring ad spots in Plan Canada, rather then running the same advertisement repeatedly, I created unique adds that responded to the edition's theme. The top ad was in an edition with transportation as the theme, the middle ad was in the rural planning edition and the bottom ad was in the housing edition.

2019 Fall Plan Canada Ad-Fotenn.tif
2020 Spring Plan Canada Ad_Fotenn.tif
2019 Winter Plan Canada Ad-Fotenn.tif
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