Fourth Year Studio  //  Fall 2014

This comprehensive studio called for the design of a multi unit housing development situated within an urban context. Given three sites to chose from, my partner and I were the only team to select the old Canadian Forces Base in Rockcliffe which is under redevelopment over the next 20 years. Currently, the 310 acre site is almost completely empty with only a few buildings remaining. After meeting with the director of the development from Canadian Lands Company (CLC), we chose one of the parcels within the master plan to develop at an urban scale. The parcel that was chosen was meant to be the centre of the new community, accompanied with a “town square”. Our urban plan saw the creation of two main paths through the site. One, an extension of one of the main roads in the community, and the other seen as an entrance route to a nearby park.

Surrounding these paths is four buildings of which my partner and I each designed one to a more detailed level. The parcel that we chose was originally only zoned to have buildings up to 30 metres tall but after seeing our presentation, the director for CLC was interested in increasing that so a landmark building could be constructed. As a direct result of this, the height limit has now been increased to 60 metres.


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