Third Year Extracurricular  //  Winter 2014

Kosmic is an annual event hosted by an elected group of third year Carleton architecture students. Our goal for the event was to change and play with the space of the venue through live music, friends, and spatial installations designed and built by students. The chosen theme for the 40th anniversary of the event was Supernova. We wanted to create a night with an explosion of excitement that people would be talking about for weeks to come. One of the most unusual parts of Kosmic has historically been the venue that it is held in. After much consideration we held Kosmic Supernova in the Canadian Museum of Nature, which was extremely well received. A crucial part of organising Kosmic is the installation selection. A large number of students applied to design and build an installation, however we needed to be strict on those that were finally accepted. To gain money for the event a launch party was held as well as many fundraisers. The entire event dealt with a budget of over $10,000 and we were able to successfully finish with a profit. The profits were then donated to Building 22, a student run publication, as well as an architecture charity. The four organisers were all given equal responsibility, with my main roles being venue and music selection, running social media accounts, and venue layout planning.

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