Fourth Year Studio  //  Winter 2015


What is CRAFT/?

It is a beer market. It is a brewery. It is an experience. CRAFT/ would be the go to spot in the nations capital for anyone interested in beer. While it would appeal to all beer drinkers, it would focus on promoting and distributing craft beer from Ontario


Within CRAFT/ is room for the storage and selling of beer from the 44 Ontario breweries that are part of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association. Throughout the building is also a contract brewery. This is a brewery that small brewers would be able to rent out to brew a batch of beer as desired.


With the largely visible fermenting tanks in the event space, brewers would be able to tell their friends “Hey, see that tank up there, that's my brew!” CRAFT/ has a space for anytime you want a beer. Whether it be a quick pint at lunch with a couple of co-workers or you and your friends want to put back a few pitchers on a Saturday night, there is a space made for it. It is conveniently located at the intersection of the Trillium line and soon to be constructed Confederation line of the O-train. While only a few minutes from the heart of downtown Ottawa it is able to maintain a level of intimacy due to its sunkenness in the landscape.


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